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Credentialed Evaluator-Specialist in public governance, management, accountability and finance


Mr. Davies provides professional advisory services in organisational governance, public financial management, performance focused management and accountability and evaluation, to executive and political levels of governments, boards and executives of bilateral and multilateral organizations in developing, transition and developed economies.

Mr. Davies holds a post-graduate degree in public administration specializing in organisational management and accountability for performance. He has been Advisor to the President of the Treasury Board of Canada on performance reporting to Parliament, Director of Performance Audit for the Auditor General of BC (Canada), Advisor to the European Commission on evaluation and reform, Advisor to the European Court of Auditors on sound financial management, Coordinator of Programs for the Ministry of Health and Social Services (Québec) and Director of the Social Sciences department of Sherbrooke College (Québec).

Mr. Davies brings a unique combination of hands-on knowledge and experience of organisational and operational management at regional, national and international levels, strong leadership, conceptual and analytical skills, a demonstrated ability to work meaningfully across different cultures stemming from his personal background and social training as well as the ability to work seamlessly in English, French and Spanish.

Mr. Davies has successfully coached and advised ministers, commissioners, boards and directors of national and multinational institutions on governance, leadership, reform, policy formulation and implementation, and accountability.

He is former President of the European Evaluation Society, former President of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society, member of the Canadian, French and American evaluation associations, the Financial Management Institute of Canada and International Fellow of the Centre for Development and Research in Evaluation. Mr. Davies is a credentialed evaluator (CE).